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Interest Assessment, Academic Evaluation & Strategic Planning

Our goal is to help students understand their advantages, through personality testing and career assessment.  This allows students to determine which major suits them best.  Our college prep strategy includes academic evaluation, monthly personal and academic counseling, strategic planning, extracurricular activity planning, and help with the college application process.  Developing a strategy to focus your efforts is essential, and High Expectations lowers the barriers in that process.  Our experienced teachers and counselors will work with you to develop a personalized plan of attack to achieve your goals.

Extracurricular Activity Planning

Extracurricular activity planning is for college admissions and for the student’s personal development.  We have cooperative opportunities with various institutes and offer internships in different concentrations including business, arts, technology, healthcare and legal fields.  In addition to internships, we also offer selective summer programs for eligible students.

Monthly Personal and Academic Counseling Meetings

Regular meetings are used to monitor academic development, participation in extracurricular activities, and progress in the college application process.

Personal Assistance with the College Application Process

A Personal Counselor
Time Management
School List and Major Finalization
College Essay Writing
Resume Writing
Application Forms
Interview Skills